Friday, 2 November 2012

Gulls from the last weeks


6.7 2cy Larus fuscus, ringed by Roland Jan Buijs

Seen also by Carlos Pacheco at the same location on 18.09.2012 and 09.10.2012 7AS is 16 year old Larus fuscus, ringed at Scilly Islands by William Wagstaff

another photo taken by Carlos Pacheco a few days before

2 cy Larus michahellis, Algés beach, 15.10.2012

the same individual, an impressive male

Larus fuscus  2AM9  ringed by Paul Veron, Dafundo beach, Algés 26.10.2012

1cy Larus michahellis , Dafundo beach, Algés 26.10.2010

1 cy Larus michahellis, 26.10.2012

1cy Larus fuscus, 26.10.2012

1cy Larus fuscus, the same ind.

1cy Larus michahellis and 1cy Larus fuscus, 26.10.2012

1cy Larus michahellis, 26.10.2012

>5cy Larus michahellis, P9 still growing, P10 on the way, 26.10.2012

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