Sunday, 15 January 2012

Black JL on tibia

Last friday 2 ringed LBBG, one at Dafundo, and the other at Algés Docapesca parking lot. I am still playing around with my new Panasonic Lumix S3 settings, but digiscoped photos are getting acceptable, if you consider that no adaptor is being used...after my morning coffee, I try to keep my hands steady enough!!!!

At Dafundo 13.01.2012 Black JL on left tibia, 3rd winter Lbbg ringed in Netherlands by Roland Jan Buijs
At Docapesca / Algés parking lot 13.01.2012 blue YI on the left tibia, ringed in Netherlands by Roland Jan Buijs.

A nice Ylg Larus michahellis, from january on Ylg start to loose their winter head streaking.

1st winter Lbbg Larus fuscus, a fairly typical individual with moulted dark grey sadle, contrasting with still juvenille coverts and tertials

Another shot of the 1st winter Herring, and another one from last monday, showing the tail band