Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My local Gulling patch

My local gulling patch, at Dafundo beach, Algés. A good walk is needed to reach it, either from Cruz Quebrada railway station or from Docapesca in Algés.

Dafundo sentinel fishermen, always there to welcome gulls early in the morning, and see them leaving to feed. Being a isolated beach, at one of Lisbon entrances, Dafundo is a good location for ring reading, you just have to cross your fingers, in case, some dogwalkers and early morning joggers arrive!!!!

More or less 250 gulls present today, mostly Lesser black-backed gulls, 2 Great black-backed, many Yellow legged gulls (mostly immatures), and some black headed gulls.

One of the two GBBG present along with one of Roland´s "Dutch intergrade" LBBG; its an intergrade grey color tone between Larus fuscus graellsii and Larus fuscus intermedius.
Red WA on tibia are from Roland Jan Buijs in Netherlands.
That W on the code made me sweat a lot to read it...very dificult, even at close range!!!

What a nice guy!!!!!! 

4 ringed LBBG, today........
blue K+P its a 2cy LBBG ringed in Bath, UK by Peter Rock. Always a pleasure to see this darvics, hudge and nice letters they have!!!

blue YJ62 its an adult LBBG ringed in Iceland by Gunnar Hallgrimsson, but unfortunetly he doesnt reply to emails. Antonio Gutierrez from Galicia, Spain is collecting Icelandic rings records seen in Iberian Peninsula, so with some luck, he as some information about this bird.