Thursday, 13 September 2012

Short visits to the fishing harbour of Portimão

On the 8th  and the 9th I managed to do a couple of short visits to the fishing harbour.

The first one found on the 8th was  E447  , ringed as a chick by Norman Van Swelm in 2006. It was seen at the same spot in 2006 and 2007 also in late summer.

Then I found  K+H  ringed as chick in 2010 by Peter Rock in Bath, U.K. It was a good chance to look at a 3rd winter plumage. I saw this one again on the 9th.

Next, a 2nd winter from France R:H4E, ringed by Julien Gernigon.

On the 9th, two more from Guernsey: 6.U6  ringed in 2009 and seen also at the same spot last winter and  0AT8  a female ringed this year.

Finally a first year,  G.7   ringed in Holland by Roland-Jan Buijs.

And to finish a couple more from Holland: F.M ringed in 2008 (Roland-Jan Buijs) and  M.ADA  ringed in 2009 (Kees Kamphuysen). This last one winters regularly at this site.